Turnkey sustainability upgrades

Fully-funded energy upgrades

Unlike other energy efficiency or sustainability providers, Redaptive manages the funding, procurement, project installation, and maintenance of LED, HVAC, solar, geothermal, and other sustainable energy and energy efficiency programs. We take on the risk - whether it's related to cost overruns, rebate collection, technology performance, or ongoing maintenance. Through our innovative portfolio-based deployment model Redaptive drives proven large-scale savings.

Our sustainable energy program process


Conduct energy consumption audit to maximize portfolio savings


Design, review, and approve strategic upgrade and retrofit program


Install smart-meters and efficiency and sustainability upgrades


Measure and report on energy savings and analytics while monitoring and maintaining equipment throughout the contract

Asset-level energy insights delivered

Redaptive’s innovative approach is designed to maximize savings on all avoided electricity usage. Our proprietary smart meter and energy analytics platform, maintained through Redaptive’s Data-as-a-Service business unit, International Electron, provides transparency and optimization for every efficiency and sustainability upgrade we install.

We measure energy, water, or gas savings in real-time down to individual energy or utility circuits. Customers access their energy savings data via our online dashboard, which provides business intelligence, equipment monitoring, and streamlined reporting.


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Redaptive's solutions help large campus and real estate portfolios operate more sustainably.