Achieve Energy Savings
without Financial and Logistical Barriers.

Fully-funded, end-to-end energy and data solutions to install energy-saving and renewable upgrades.

Become a sustainability leader while maximizing OpEx savings

Redaptive simplifies the complexity by providing a fully funded, end-to-end sustainability solution.

Individualized programs accelerate your organization’s objectives to save money, build resiliency and meet your ESG goals—with the data to back it up. We provide the funding, expertise, resources and management needed to implement energy efficiency and sustainability installations across multiple sites simultaneously. This frees up capital and resources to focus on your core business.


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Our customers have saved an equivalent of:

2,267,784 metric tons

of CO2 emissions reductions and counting

5,699,389,734 miles driven

by an average passenger vehicle

273,094 homes

energy use for one year

2,778,438 acres

of U.S. forests in one year

Accelerating the world’s transformation towards a sustainable future. 


Overcome capital and resource barriers to meet OPEX reduction and sustainability goals faster and at a greater scale than you could on their own with Energy-as-a-Service.

Energy Solutions

Real-Time Data

Eliminate blind spots in your portfolio with real-time access to electricity, gas, and water usage data, enabling sustainability reporting and performance analysis. 

Data Solutions

Flexible Financing

Competitive capital and tailored financing solutions drive greater speed and efficiency across our customer’s real estate footprint.And provides data

Capital Solutions

Creating a more sustainable future for us all

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Meet Redaptive

Redaptive's team of business and technology experts is at the core of our success in delivering a platform to accelerate the adoption of energy solutions that transform how organizations reduce their carbon impact. Meet the team who will bring your business a more sustainable future.

End-to-End Energy Efficiency

Connect with us to explore options to meet corporate sustainability goals for commercial building portfolios or medical, university, or industrial campuses.