Here what End to End project support

Premiere Remarketing Solutions Supporting Sustainability Efforts

Redaptive Remarketing

End to End project support

Redaptive Remarketing provides customized, turnkey
disposition solutions for industrial manufacturing
customers to optimize cash flow from inefficient
equipment and promoting the acquisition of new and
efficient assets

End to End project support

Flexible Solutions

End to End project support

Cash Generation

Convert inefficient, surplus assets to cash to offset energy efficient purchases. Drive efficiency and stretch CapEx budgets and fund additional sustainability projects.

Pre-Owned Equipment Sourcing

Stretch your CapEx budget by sourcing pre-owned assets using our global supplier network. For CNC, Additive, Power Generation, Material Handling, and more!

Corporate Remarketing Programs

Portfolio-wide partnership optimizes asset utilization; manages restructuring activity; and helps strategize for existing equipment & machinery and new CapEx Projects

Program Highlights

Global Sales Capability

  • World-class operating partner
  • Full-spectrum of equipment type
  • Experience selling in 20+ countries

Valuation Services

  • Certified appraisals to support Sale-Leaseback, Redeployment, and Refinancing initiative
  • Indicative desktop valuations for project planning

Dedicated Team

  • Combined 50+ years of asset management and disposition experience

We’re Up for the Challenge

End-to-end disposition solutions drive greater efficiencies within your global footprint while supporting sustainable outcomes by extending the useful life of your equipment. Whether you are closing a manufacturing facility, replacing an old production line, or have a raw material or finished good inventory challenge, our team can create a disposition solution designed to extend the useful life of your equipment & reduce scrap waste.

White Glove Treatment & Transparent, Compliant Sales Process


Initial Planning

We evaluate the customer's assets and funding sources, identify areas of assistance, and conduct credit analysis.


Work Out the Terms

We standardize financing with a Master Lease Agreement and customize options to assist with your equipment or asset needs.


Buyer Identification

Know Your Customer & Anti Money Laundering screenings for all buyers. Removal costs passed to buyers.


Finalize the Deal

Finalize the deal and begin equipment delivery or project development.

Over 50 Years of Combined Financial Experience

Our team comes from a wide range of financial backgrounds. You’ll work with an experienced team that works with you to develop the right solution for your company’s unique portfolio.

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