Redefining energy metering across building portfolios

Energy insights made easy

Building owners want to better understand where the energy waste is, but measurement systems have traditionally been expensive, difficult to scale, and have required complex commissioning.

Redaptive’s Data-as-a-Service solution changes that. Redaptive unlocks
tremendous value with a highly-scalable, low-cost IoT metering platform that enables whole-building digital transformation across all the systems and equipment in a single building, or across an entire portfolio.

How it works


Capture low-cost, granular energy data with the simple installation of our IoT energy meter.


Monitor assets, buildings, and energy consumption to optimize building assets and operations.


Manage energy spend, budgets, and maintenance programs with analytics and reporting.

Drive performance with clarity of consumption

On-demand energy data enables actionable insights into customers’ energy consumption – identifying potential issues before they become dangerous or costly problems. Our data enables customers to make improved decisions on their energy spend, capital expenditure, and assists with ongoing monitoring of building assets.

  • Better understand energy trends
  • Get a pulse on building operations
  • View and interpret load profiles
  • Determine the impact of seasonality on building systems
  • Impact of Energy Conservation Measures (e.g. Lighting/HVAC retrofit projects)
  • Understand energy usage patterns
  • Identify Power Quality issues and avoid Power Factor charges

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