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Broad industry experience

With thousands of sites and millions of square feet under management across a diverse range of industries, Redaptive provides ongoing operating expense reductions by helping customers accelerate building improvements, efficiency, and sustainability upgrades at scale.
  • Higher Education
  • Agriculture, Food & Beverage
  • Technology & Services
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Industrial & Manufacturing

Higher Education

Higher education institutions are joining corporate and commercial users to meet net neutral energy goals.

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Agriculture, Food & Beverage

More than one-quarter of global energy use is expended on food production and supply. These are also the largest consumers of water, requiring one hundred times more than is used for personal needs.


Technology & Services

Worldwide, data centers consume roughly 1% of total electricity and some estimate that could reach 8% by 2030 without intervention.

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Logistics is a sector that is difficult to abate and which factors into nearly everything. Research shows that consumers will pay more for sustainable practices.



The average hospital’s energy spend exceeds that of other types of buildings by a factor of 10.

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Energy is the fourth largest in-store operating cost for American retailers. Decreasing energy costs by 20% can have the same bottom-line impact as a 5% sales increase.

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Industrial & Manufacturing

Long operating hours and large facilities with high ceilings create unique energy efficiency challenges.

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Our sustainable energy program process


Conduct energy consumption audit to maximize portfolio savings


Design, review, and approve strategic upgrade and retrofit program


Install smart-meters and efficiency and sustainability upgrades


Measure and report on energy savings and analytics while monitoring and maintaining equipment throughout the contract

Customer success stories

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Sustainability transformed

Meet corporate carbon reduction goals while decreasing operating expenses with our flexible energy efficiency and sustainability solutions.