Reduce operating costs without committing capital

Fully-funded energy upgrades

Unlike other energy efficiency or sustainability providers, Redaptive manages the funding, procurement, project installation, and maintenance of LED, HVAC, solar, geothermal, and other sustainable energy and energy efficiency programs. We take on the risk – whether it’s related to cost overruns, rebate collection, technology performance, or ongoing maintenance. Through our innovative portfolio-based deployment model Redaptive drives proven large-scale savings.

Energy waste reduced. Sustainability delivered.

30% of energy is wasted across commercial buildings. Redaptive works to help large campuses and real estate portfolios overcome financial and logistical barriers to turn that waste into energy and monetary savings.
office or retail premises

Enterprise customers

Deploy efficiency and sustainable energy upgrades across multiple states, countries, and facility or building types.

Healthcare or Education Campuses

Healthcare or Education Campuses

Optimize the entire portfolio of a large healthcare or education campus to reduce carbon emissions and increase building resiliency.

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Ecosystem partners

Utilize Redaptive’s model to accelerate the completion of large-scale projects and realize customer savings faster.

Turnkey, fully-funded energy upgrades

Redaptive’s proven and innovative efficiency and sustainability services remove barriers and enable organizations to accelerate energy-saving programs. Every unit of energy saved is an immediate reduction in operating costs that requires no upfront capital from customers.

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Fully-funded projects

Provide capital for portfolio-wide upgrades enabling customers to focus internal resources on their core business.

Program management

Management of energy and sustainability installations across building portfolios enabling customers to accelerate optimization.

Verified performance

Proprietary smart-metering enables granular data collection, transparency, energy insights, and performance monitoring on our AI-enabled platform.

Bottomline results

Large-scale operating savings and impact on ESG commitments.

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