Sustainability and Savings at Scale

How Energy-as-a-Service accelerates your sustainability programs

Why not business End to End project support

End to End project support for more efficiency

Our proven and innovative Energy-as-a-Service solution helps customers overcome capital and resource barriers to accelerate and scale efforts to reduce energy waste, optimize cost, increase resiliency, and meet sustainability goals.

solution for End to End project support strategies for more efficiency

for more efficiency use business End to End project support strategies


Fully-funded projects

Provide capital for portfolio-wide upgrades enabling customers to focus internal resources on their core business.

Program management

Management of energy and sustainability installations across building portfolios enabling customers to accelerate optimization.

Verified performance

Proprietary smart-metering enables granular data collection, transparency, energy insights, and performance monitoring on our AI-enabled platform.

Bottomline results

Large-scale operating savings and impact on ESG commitments.

Achieve building resiliency while saving money

We customize our program to fit your business to help you build resiliency, save money and meet your carbon reduction goals. We provide the expertise, resources and management needed to install energy and renewable upgrades, including HVAC lighting, solar, and geothermal, across multiple sites simultaneously. We take on the risk - whether its related to cost overruns, rebate collection, technology performance, or ongoing maintenance.
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  • HVAC solution
  • Solar solution

Transform your facility with LED lighting and controls

By transitioning to LED lighting and implementing control systems, your business can optimize energy expenditure in a more sustainable manner. This decreases long-term maintenance costs in comparison to other lighting technologies and plays a role in achieving overall greenhouse gas reduction objectives.

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Counteract performance drift and accelerate decarbonization

Deferred maintenance on your HVAC system can result in costly and hazardous consequences, particularly if it ultimately malfunctions. Our end-to-end program enablement offers financing and upgrades to assist you in aligning financial, facility reliability, comfort and sustainability goals.

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Integrated solution for your solar and storage projects

On-site solar power generation is rapidly increasing in popularity among commercial and industrial companies. With our proficiency in expanding energy initiatives throughout dispersed real estate portfolio, we make the transition to on-site solar power effortless for our customers.

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Our sustainable energy program process


Conduct energy consumption audit to maximize portfolio savings


Design, review, and approve strategic upgrade and retrofit program


Install smart-meters and efficiency and sustainability upgrades


Measure and report on energy savings and analytics while monitoring and maintaining equipment throughout the contract

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