Competitive Financing to Support Sustainable Outcomes

Redaptive Capital Solutions

energy financing

Redaptive Capital delivers customized financing and surplus remarketing solutions that drive greater efficiency across our customer’s real estate footprint. From energy efficiency and alternative power generation to more traditional leases and loans, our funding model is flexible to support all projects across the commercial, industrial, and institutional space.

energy financing

Simple, Flexible Financing

Energy Efficiency

Our pay-for-performance “as-a-service” option allows for implementing energy and efficiency upgrades with off-balance sheet options, including lighting, HVAC, industrial equipment, and more.

energy financing

Alternative Power Generation

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) allow you to lock in pricing over the long-term protecting you from future volatility.

Equipment Financing

Includes the full suite of traditional financing options such as leases and loans for both new and used equipment.

Maximize Efficiency and Cost Savings

Competitive Capital

  • Avoid large capital outlays
  • Access to multiple funding mechanisms
  • No hidden costs

Tailored Structures

  • Usage, savings, or fixed payments
  • Convert short-term rentals to long-term leases
  • Utilize sale-leasebacks for capital generation
  • Match terms to useful life

Convenient Process

  • Best-in-class partnerships
  • Support large C&I projects
  • Able to include interim progress funding with multiple vendors

Effortlessly Power Your Business Growth


Initial Planning

We evaluate the customer's assets and funding sources, identify areas of assistance, and conduct credit analysis.


Work Out the Terms

We standardize financing with a Master Lease Agreement and customize options to assist with your equipment or asset needs.


Finalize the Deal

Finalize the deal and begin equipment delivery or project development.

Over 50 Years of Combined Financial Experience

Our team comes from a wide range of financial backgrounds. You’ll work with an experienced team that works with you to develop the right solution for your company’s unique portfolio.

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