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Tailor your Partnership experience based on what you do best


Trade Partners provide audit, build out, and installation support for Redaptive products and solutions regionally.


Channel Partners provide regional sales and localized support for Redaptive products


Referral Partners bring Redaptive business from their pool of existing customers and receive a cut of the action.


Consulting Partners offer technical integration services to help tailor your Redaptive solution to your needs.

Capital Partners

Capital Partners provide customers with unique financial tools to enhance Redaptive's Capital services.


Technology Partners integrate Redaptive into commercial offerings for a variety of use cases.

Getting Started With Redaptive


Apply to join Redaptive’s Partner Program


Explore Redaptive with an NFR license


Enhance your knowledge with training


Go-To-Market and watch your revenue grow

Increase Revenue and Growth Potential with a Solution for your Customers’ Use Cases

Global Program

Customized program for all current and future Redaptive partner designations

Growth Driver

Incentive-focused model to drive more value to partners

Program Driven

Clear processes, rules of engagement, and project implementation models.

Tiered Benefits

New tiering model drives value, benefits, and results with Partnerships of all types

Focused GTM

Customer use-case centric with pre-built GTM kits to accelerate outcomes

Outstanding Enablement

Sales and Marketing alignment and dashboards to visualize partner growth

Consistent Growth

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Why Redaptive?
Why partner with Redaptive?

We deliver innovative EaaS solutions that help companies become more efficient faster.

Redaptive provides fully-funded, turn-key, end-to-end energy and data solutions to drive energy-savings across Lighting and HVAC, and adding renewable upgrades and energy generation around Solar, EV Charging, and Battery Storage.

Repeatability: Streamlined operational processes and workflows reduce operational cost and time while automating routine tasks across best of breed systems

Consistency: Consistent communications and expectations drive success. Clear Rules of Engagement and Programmatic measurements to drive desired actions.

Scale: Processes and Models built for scale and growth.


Partners Are Our Priority

Go-To-Market confidently, equipped with the right EaaS product knowledge and backed by a company that prioritizes our Partnerships.

  • Join Redaptive as a Trade Partner, Channel Reseller, Referral Partner, Consulting Partner, Capital Partner, or Technology Partner – We value and support all Partners to ensure mutual success.
  • Ensure consistent profitability with Partner-friendly pricing and lucrative refferal opportunities.
  • Master your product knowledge through 1:1 training and continuing education.
  • Use our intuitive Partner Portal to register deals and track joint opportunities.
  • Leverage marketing collateral and sales support to assist you through every stage of the customers’ sales journeys.
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