Redaptive's Solar Solution

Integrated solution for your solar and storage projects

On-site solar power generation is one of the fastest-growing energy improvements in the commercial & industrial segments. Our expertise in scaling energy projects across distributed real estate portfolios simplifies this journey for our customers. Redaptive funds, installs, and manages the project from start to finish so you don't have to.

Partner with Us for Key Benefits

Energy improvements beyond solar

Employ our strategic and comprehensive Energy-as-a-Service solutions to add benefits beyond solar with metering, lighting, HVAC, and electric vehicle projects, enabling maximum energy savings and sustainability.

One flexible contract

Leverage our single-packaged contract to service all technologies in addition to solar & storage at multiple locations. Experience shorter and negotiable term options with performance-based payments.

Simplified and accelerated implementation

Save your resources by letting us help you manage all aspects of the project including analysis, engineering, scheduling, construction, safety, incentives, and interconnection across all sites.

No up-front capital

With Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) structure, customers can implement solar & storage projects without capital expense while we cover cost, execution risks and provide on-going maintenance throughout the term.

Take Advantage of Economic Rewards

The cleanest energy is the energy you never use.

  • Hedge against utility inflation
  • Attractive state incentives
  • Rate escalation as low as 0%
  • Can be paired with roof repairs
  • Monetize tax & depreciation benefits

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