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Redaptive Expands With Denver Office And Surpasses 100M Sq. Ft. Portfolio Milestone

Redaptive Expands With Denver Office

Redaptive Expands With Denver Office

Energy Efficiency leader doubled headcount in 2018 and expands to CO as demand for Efficiency-as-a-Service (EaaS) grows National Project Portfolio Spans 44 States with 205 utility regions, unlocking approximately 600 million kWh of energy savings and avoiding 424,000 mt of CO 2 emissions

Denver, CO – April 30, 2019 – Today Redaptive, a leading provider of data-driven energy efficiency services for commercial and industrial customers, announced that it has expanded its operations with a new location in Denver, Colorado. With more than 1,300 sites under management, Redaptive is now continuously monitoring more than 100 million sq. ft of commercial and industrial facilities for energy savings and building insights through its EaaS platform. Redaptive projects span 44 states and 205 utility regions and the Denver location will serve as secondary to Redaptive’s primary headquarters in San Francisco. With commercial energy efficiency on the rise, Redaptive has grown its team in San Francisco, the East Coast, and is cementing its presence in the Rocky Mountain region which will provide additional access to its growing customer base across the country.

Denver Office

Redaptive provides capital solutions, data transparency and project resources to scale efficiency deployments through an innovative platform, enabling measurable savings and project underwriting. Redaptive’s platform helps companies track the savings from LED, HVAC and RTU retrofits, replacements and other infrastructure equipment to empower energy managers with insights and metrics to enhance business performance. Redaptive has unlocked millions of dollars in savings at customer facilities. In 2018, one of Redaptive’s largest customers, AT&T, announced it saves nearly $20 million annually across its portfolio through Redaptive’s EaaS program, contributing to AT&T's 10x Sustainability goals. 

Colorado, similar to the Bay Area, has been on a consistent path to reduce emissions with an assortment of community, transit, and green building initiatives. According to the ACEEE, Colorado ranks 14 th in the Nation on the State Energy Efficiency Scorecard, and provides support for efficiency through an array of financial incentives, including PACE financing for commercial properties. In 2016, the Denver City Council approved a set of building codes that increased energy efficiency standards by 25 percent and made it easier to renovate and repair buildings. Redaptive currently has 20 projects in Colorado and works with partners to hire local contractors for the audits and installation. Redaptive also works with Xcel and other local utilities to administer energy efficiency rebates on behalf of customers. 

Colorado Denver Office

“Denver and Colorado have long been leaders in clean technology and green building initiatives, so it is a befitting secondary location for Redaptive,” said John Rhow, Redaptive Co-CEO. “We are proud to continue to strengthen our platform and market reach as we provide solutions to commercial and
industrial customers that unlock savings at-scale,” added Arvin Vohra, Co-CEO at Redaptive.

About Redaptive

Redaptive enables large-scale rapid deployment of energy efficiency technologies and delivers immediate returns and long-term value across our customers' real estate portfolios. Our Efficiency-as-a-Service solution provides turnkey efficiency building retrofits and upgrades, that include, materials, installation, and maintenance. Customers realize immediate utility bill savings and actual kWh savings are verified through Redaptive's metering and building intelligence platform to determine a monthly avoided energy payment. Redaptive currently manages a national portfolio of efficiency projects for commercial and industrial customers, including AT&T, Aramark and McKesson, and many other Fortune 500 companies. The company is headquartered In San Francisco, CA. For more information, please
visit our website at

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Energy as a service (EaaS) firms are revolutionizing the way businesses manage and consume energy. These innovative companies provide comprehensive energy solutions that go beyond traditional energy procurement and management. By offering a suite of services, including energy efficiency upgrades, renewable energy integration, and demand response programs, EaaS firms help businesses optimize their energy usage, reduce costs, and minimize their environmental footprint.

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One of the key advantages of partnering with an EaaS firm is the flexibility it offers. Instead of investing in expensive infrastructure upgrades or navigating complex energy markets on their own, businesses can rely on EaaS providers to handle all aspects of their energy needs. This allows companies to focus on their core operations while benefiting from the expertise and resources of the EaaS firm. Moreover, EaaS firms often utilize advanced technology and data analytics to optimize energy usage in real-time. By monitoring energy consumption patterns and identifying areas for improvement, these companies can help businesses achieve significant energy savings without sacrificing performance or comfort. In addition to cost savings, EaaS solutions also contribute to sustainability and environmental stewardship. By implementing energy-efficient technologies and transitioning to renewable energy sources, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and support the transition to a clean energy future. Furthermore, EaaS firms offer scalability, making them suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. Whether it's a small retail store looking to reduce its energy bills or a large manufacturing facility aiming to improve its sustainability practices, EaaS solutions can be tailored to meet specific needs and goals. Overall, energy as a service firms are driving innovation and transformation in the energy sector, empowering businesses to become more efficient, resilient, and sustainable in the face of evolving energy challenges. With their comprehensive services and commitment to excellence, EaaS firms are poised to shape the future of energy management and pave the way for a cleaner, more sustainable world.