IMN – ESG & Decarbonizing Real Estate Forum Winter 2024

Date: February 8, 2024 - February 9, 2024 Location: Nashville, TN


ESG & Decarbonizing

There is no longer a debate about whether ESG is a worthwhile investment and risk management principle, and ESG has become embedded into policymaking and institutional investment agendas worldwide. Given the continued impacts of climate change, increased public awareness around social factors, and companies of all sizes being held to higher governance standards, ESG has become top of mind for the real estate market. Learn more here

Redaptive will be participating in an executive panel at this year’s conference.
Speaker: John Rhow, Executive Chairman & President
Session: Large Fund & REIT Senior Executive Panel: Are You Expecting Less Spending And More Returns Pressure
Session Topics:
   ● Where is spending this vs. last year?
   ● What percentage of total spend goes to: reporting, certifications, climate risk assessments, EV charging, energy/carbon reduction, etc?
   ● Which new areas are you exploring?
   ● Impact investing initiatives
   ● Working with your investors and what kind of reporting do they like to see?
   ● Staffing structure and responsibilities
   ● Using tax incentives, grants and working with not-for-profit
   ● Turn and face the strange changes…
   ● ESG materiality assessment
   ● Activities on the social side
   ● What does ‘A Day in the Life’ of an ESG leader within a real estate organization look like? How do you allocate your time across various priorities & initiatives?


what is ESG & Decarbonizing ?

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