Redaptive's HVAC Solution

Reverse performance drift and accelerate decarbonization

Critical building systems such as HVAC require substantial, non-discretionary annual investment levels to keep pace with performance degradation, technological advancement, and regulation. Failure to do so creates an accumulating, compounding capital deficit, requiring an even more significant future recovery (or “surge”) investment.

Redaptive’s fully funded and integrated asset replacement, retrofit, controls, and maintenance program provides an innovative, turnkey solution to help corporate real estate owners and occupiers balance capital constraints, facility resilience, occupant experience, and sustainability objectives – amplifying outcomes at enterprise-wide scale.


Reverse effects of under-investment

Eliminate accruing, compounding deferred capital risk without the use of precious internal capital by leveraging our funding structure.

Streamline implementation

Streamline the end-to-end experience under Redaptive as a turnkey sustainability partner to eliminate risk and administrative burden to programmatically develop, fund, procure, and implement.

Maximize insights

Transform and optimize operations with access to granular energy consumption data via Redaptive's Data-as-a-Service platform while ensuring savings persistence over the life of contract.

Amplify outcomes

Accelerate and scale enterprise sustainability outcomes via higher efficiency equipment, elimination of ozone-depleting substances, and recycling of end-of-life equipment.

Unlock Additional Benefits

  • Modernize and standardize equipment with the latest performance levels and features.
  • Reduce reactive maintenance and costly, disruptive downtime events.
  • Enhance occupant comfort and experience.

The cleanest energy is the energy you never use. Ready to reshape your organization’s approach to energy consumption and sustainability?

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