Energy Finance Options to Launch Your Decarbonization Projects

Flexible Financing

Redaptive delivers customized, end-to-end funding solutions for sustainable energy efficiency and alternative generation projects in the commercial, industrials, and institutional space.

Energy Efficiency

Our Energy-as-a-Service offering includes variable, performance-based billing with off balance sheet potential.

Alternative Power Generation

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) allow you to lock in pricing over the long-term protecting you from future volatility.

Equipment Financing

Equipment financing to support capital equipment acquisitions.

Tax Benefits

On- or Off-Balance sheet structures to maximize tax benefits and manage obsolescence programmatically.

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Program Highlights

Competitive Capital

  • Avoid large capital outlays
  • Access to multiple funding mechanisms
  • No hidden costs

Tailored Structures

  • Payments based on usage, savings or fixed payments
  • Convert short term rentals to long term leases
  • Utilize sale leasebacks to generate additional capital
  • Ability to match term to useful life

Flexible & Convenient Process

  • Best-in-class partnerships to solve your product and financing needs
  • Ability to support large C&I projects that include interim progress fundings with multiple vendors

Implementing the Program


Phase 1

Initial Planning

  • Discuss existing Customer asset acquisition & CapEx strategy; identify areas we can help
  • Understand existing/preferred funding sources, on- & off- book appetite, most utilized collateral types
  • Perform customer credit analysis


Phase 2

Work Out the Terms

  • Execute Master Lease Agreement for standardization & repeatability
  • Identify pilot project to develop rhythm
  • Discuss financing scope, timing, structuring options
    • Capital vs. Operating Lease
    • “as-a-Service” contract
    • Term length, EBOs, rate
    • PPA or project financing capability


Phase 3

Finalize Deal Terms

  • Other asset or equipment challenge? Let us help find a solution
  • Finalize & sign deal documents


Phase 4

Execute Financing Deal

  • Ensure equipment delivery
  • Start of project development

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