Measure. Manage. Make meaningful impact.

Improve data transparency.
Maximize energy efficiency.
Enable accurate reporting.

Building owners want to better understand where the energy waste is, but measurement systems have traditionally been expensive, difficult to scale, and have required complex commissioning.

We provide turnkey solutions to capture energy and water consumption data that helps drive ESG and Sustainability reporting, portfolio wide cost reduction, and energy project opportunity identification.

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Identify and quantify savings opportunities


Analyze consumption across your portfolio, systems and equipment.

Discover & detect

Pinpoint malfunctions, excessive usage patterns, and high base loads.


Manage energy spend, budgets, and maintenance programs with analytics and reporting.


Determine true savings based on real-time consumption patterns.

Drive performance with clear consumption insights

Our robust building intelligence platform enables customers to make improved decisions on their energy spend, capital expenditure, and assists with ongoing monitoring of building assets. On-demand energy data highlights actionable insights into customers’ energy consumption – identifying potential issues before they become dangerous or costly problems.

  • Better understand energy trends
  • Get a pulse on building operations
  • View and interpret load profiles
  • Determine the impact of seasonality on building systems
  • Impact of Energy Conservation Measures (e.g. Lighting/HVAC retrofit projects)
  • Understand energy usage patterns
  • Identify power quality issues and avoid power factor charges

Scale with turnkey metering and data solutions

Redaptive Power Meter

  • Asset/system level power consumption is isolated via non-invasive CT sensors attached to branch circuits
  • Non-intrusive and tamper-proof
  • Cellular-enabled
  • Bank-grade encryption capturing real-time electricity consumption
  • Data accessible via portal with back-end analytics
  • Each meter can monitor up to 48 circuits
  • Installed within the panel feeding the individual assets and/or systems

Markets we serve

Commercial Real Estate & Real Estate Owners

Simplify ESG Reporting and empower tenants and landlords to understand and control their energy use.

Campuses & universities

Better understand energy consumption across the campus and validate utility billing.

Manufacturing & industrial

Manage Power Quality. Maintenance Costs. Optimize Production.


Identify energy savings opportunities, maintenance requirements and benchmark your portfolio.

Talk with our experts and explore the possibilities.