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Managing OPEX and emissions within buildings is hard

Acquiring and aggregating utility data is challenging.

Hard to track utility consumption within your buildings and across a portflio.

Unpredictable repair and maintenance costs along with failing equipment.

Difficult to measure performance of energy projects implemented.

Discover the ONE platform that simplifies sustainability and energy management

Redaptive ONE is a comprehensive technology solution utilizing IoT meters to provide the data, tools, and insights to measure and manage building performance, simplify reporting compliance, and showcase the impact of sustainability initiatives to your stakeholders.

ONE central resource for multiple stakeholders

Sustainability Leaders

Streamline the acquisition of sustainability compliance data (ESG) for electric, water, and gas consumption.

Energy Leaders

Identify energy efficiency and sustainable energy opportunities to demonstrate the impact of net-zero efforts.

Facility Leaders

Use insights to reduce maintenance costs, improve equipment, and drive building efficiency.

Streamline sustainability reporting

The Sustainability Data module is a powerful software instrument designed to address the challenges of accessing utility data for electric, water, and gas consumption, often due to complex lease structures.

Sustainability leaders can simplify the data collection process, enhance ESG reporting, and identify opportunities for improving energy efficiency.

Improve performance outcomes

  • Identify scheduling, peak demand, and load curtailment opportunities for optimized resource utilization.
  • Obtain a comprehensive portfolio and building view to enhance resource management efficiency.
  • Benefit from user-friendly data visualization tools for insightful sustainability analysis.
  • Achieve seamless data flow between our platform and your third-party applications through API data integration.
  • Automate and streamline data reporting with Energy Star Portfolio Manager connection.
  • Proactively monitor and address equipment health to reduce repair and maintenance costs while ensuring smooth operations.

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Purpose built electric, water, and gas meters enable digital transformation

Cloud Connected

IoT devices capture electric, water, and gas consumption data across a building or portfolio.

Accurate, high-frequency data

Easy to access data available in continuous data stream to drive energy & sustainability outcomes.

Scalable Solutions

Non-intrusive, quick meter installs with easy connectivity enables rapid portfolio deployments.

Network Secure

Encrypted data enables secure data transmission without touching any building networks.

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