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energy data platform

energy data platform

Discover the platform that simplifies sustainability and energy data.​

Learn how Redaptive ONE uses innovative technology to track energy, water, and gas usage to generate sustainability data and insights to optimize equipment performance. 







Managing sustainability reporting, equipment, and optimizing operation efficiency is hard. Without data, it's almost impossible.​

Utility data is not available or spread across systems.

Identifying opportunities is difficult and time-consuming​.

Predicting equipment failure is tough.​

Measuring energy project performance is challenging.​

Redaptive ONE makes it easy by collecting, reporting, and analyzing utility data in one platform​.

Redaptive ONE eliminates any blind spots in your portfolio by providing real-time access to electricity, gas, and water usage data, enabling sustainability reporting and performance analysis. Using Redaptive ONE, businesses can reduce complexity in reporting, identify cost savings, and develop a robust sustainability roadmap – for a clearer, faster path to net zero.

Streamline reporting

Regulators, investors, and partners increasingly require ESG reporting. Redaptive’s Sustainability Data simplifies reporting energy, water, and gas consumption, regardless of lease structures.  

Sustainability leaders can quickly obtain inputs for ESG reporting and highlight progress on sustainability initiatives.

Identify opportunities

Maximize energy efficiency and equipment performance with Redaptive ONE’s suite of analytical tools, now leveraging artificial intelligence to identify efficiency opportunities.

Whether you are an energy expert looking for additional data or a sustainability leader trying to build a roadmap, Redaptive ONE provides you with the right set of tools to quickly achieve your goals.

Monitor & verify performance

Easily report the environmental impact of energy conservation projects and verify the cost savings of completed projects. Redaptive ONE provides accurate performance reporting so energy and sustainability leaders can share progress on their infrastructure improvement programs.

Key features

Redaptive ONE enables insights and reporting at scale​

Real-time, granular data

Access utility data for each metered asset in real-time.

ENERGY STAR® connected

Compare building performance with industry benchmarks.


Encrypted data without impacting your network.

AI-powered insights

Leverage artificial intelligence to identify efficiency opportunities.

CO2e Impact Estimate

Report Scope 1 & 2 emissions and the impact of conservation measures.


Syndicate data to BMS systems or other workflows.

Turnkey setup

Quick, no-disruption installation and provisioning.


Deploy across a portfolio using minimal internal resources.

Trusted by industry leaders

We help companies measure and achieve their sustainability goals worldwide.

Insights from industry experts

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