What is an energy efficiency retrofit?

An energy efficiency retrofit is the removal a building’s existing equipment, whether that is HVAC, lighting etc. and installation of updated and more efficient equipment. According to Energy.gov an energy efficiency retrofit refers to the, “Renovation, retrofit, and refurbishment of existing buildings represent an opportunity to upgrade the energy performance of commercial building assets for their ongoing life. Often retrofits involve modifications to existing commercial buildings that may improve energy efficiency or decrease energy demand. In addition, retrofits are often used as opportune times to install distributed generation into a building. Energy-efficiency retrofits can reduce the operational costs, particularly in older buildings, as well as help to attract tenants and gain a market edge.”

Different types of energy efficiency retrofits can provide a variety of different benefits to a building. For instance, LED lights can reduce the lighting system’s energy consumption by 60% or more, resulting in lower utility bills and ongoing costs, according to Forbes. But LEDs are not the only way a company can save on their utility bill. Retrofitting HVAC, irrigation, insulation, and other technologies can all help to produce energy savings in a building. Forbes reported on a multifaceted retrofit like this for, “…the 85-year-old Liberty Tower in Dayton, Ohio [which] is using each of these strategies to improve energy efficiency. All interior and exterior lights in the 114,000-square-foot facility are being replaced with LEDs, the building’s existing steam boiler is being replaced with two vertical fire tube boilers, and the building controls are being replaced and upgraded to provide advanced programming measures.”

Altenergymag.com also notes that the potential for savings often depends on the building itself, “Energy efficiency planning depends on the scale of opportunity for energy efficiency improvements in existing buildings. For most office buildings energy cost is $2–3 per square foot per year. Healthcare properties are one of the most expensive types, usually at $11. A typical building can cut energy use by up to 15% by implementing low-cost measures and over 45% by implementing deeper retrofit measures. Such retrofit projects will reduce operating costs, and improve occupant comfort with a host of other benefits.”

Redaptive’s retrofitting services include the replacement of existing equipment (HVAC, lighting, etc.) in a building with updated and more efficient equipment. Redaptive has saved companies over 260M kWh thus far through our energy efficiency retrofit programs in over 100M sq. ft. of floor space. Our customers include businesses like AT&T, Iron Mountain, a variety of other Fortune 500 companies, and more. We’ve had tremendous success in energy efficiency retrofits that have resulted in impressive case studies.