WPT Capital Advisors gains whole-building insights with Redaptive ONE

“With Redaptive’s metering solution and the Redaptive ONE platform, our team can easily track and monitor consumption data, by building, across our entire portfolio for water, gas and electricity. Prior to Redaptive ONE, gathering data was a slow, manual, and time-intensive process.​

This real-time solution also identifies inconsistent consumption patterns and automatically sends alerts that ultimately create safer, healthier buildings by identifying leaks and building systems that are running at off-peak intervals.​

As an added benefit, we are using this data to engage with our tenants to promote investments in capital projects that decarbonize our buildings and assist our tenants in reaching their sustainability goals.”​

Spencer Gerberding – Partner | Asset Management & Sustainability at WPT Capital Advisors

The Challenge

WPT needed to gain access to their energy consumption data for ongoing ESG and GRESB reporting, but as is the case for most industrial real-estate owners, getting energy bills from tenants can take months, be inconsistent, and involve putting together data from dozens of utility companies.

The Solution

Redaptive installed whole building energy consumption monitoring in 16 locations in just 5 months allowing WPT to track water, gas, and electrical usage across their building portfolio using the Redaptive ONE dashboard without the need to engage with tenants or utilities to track down bills and manually gather and organize the data.

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Reduction in Monitoring Cost


Now WPT can easily access granular energy data using​ the Redaptive ONE platform anytime – giving them visibility into detailed energy consumption trends to inform decarbonization investments, and support robust ESG reporting by delivering data seamlessly into Energy Star Portfolio Manager.

office building
5 Months to Meter

WPT Locations

20M+ kWh

Monitored Annually

5M+ Gallons of Water

Monitored Annually