Redaptive Partners with Institute for Advanced Study Campus
on a Net-Neutral Renewable Energy and Efficiency Project


The Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) committed to achieving net neutral emissions. In order to achieve this goal, IAS partnered with Redaptive to conduct a multi-phase installation of green technologies and retrofits across its 800-acre campus.



Redaptive developed a comprehensive two-phase plan to achieve net neutral emissions. Redaptive first reduced IAS energy consumption through efficiency measures then generated renewable energy to match the lowered energy consumption load.  In phase-1, Redaptive replaced LED lighting and installed VFD’s, waste heat recovery systems, ionic bipolarization systems to remove VOCs, and harmonic mitigating transformers. In phase-2 Redaptive installed a Geothermal field, Water to water heat pumps, and modernized BMS systems. 

IAS Case Study


The two-phase program resulted in significant energy reduction. The reduced electricity consumption will avoid 3,100 metric tons of CO2 emissions over the service term. 

office building
$7.2M Gross Energy


4.4M Reduction

in KWh consumption

3.1K 2>Metric tons of CO2


7.2K Equivalent

barrels of oil

375 Equivalent

number of homes’ electricity