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Redaptive CEO Arvin Vohra Selected as One of CRE’s Aspiring Leaders of 2024 by GlobeSt.

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DENVERJune 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Arvin Vohra — CEO of Energy-as-a-Service leader Redaptive — has been named by GlobeSt. as one of CRE’s Aspiring Leaders of 2024. Vohra joins the recognized top 40 as a CEO who innovated the power purchase agreement (PPA) for LED lighting retrofits into the modern Energy-as-a-Service model. Vohra is the founder and CEO of Redaptive — the leading Energy-as-a-Service company that helps large commercial and industrial customers in the Fortune 500 retrofit their buildings with sustainable technology. Founded by Vohra in 2015, Redaptive helps customers upgrade their building portfolios with energy-efficient and energy-generating technologies such as LED lighting, solar arrays, and upgraded HVAC systems — all without using their internal capital. This innovative solution is coupled with the Redaptive ONE data solution, which leverages Redaptive’s proprietary meters to provide measurement and verification, simplified sustainability reporting, and building and equipment insights for new opportunity identification.


“We are thrilled to recognize the emerging leaders in the commercial real estate industry this year. The caliber of candidates continues to impress, with a noticeable uptick in both quantity and quality. Our volume of applications this year likely set a new record, each submission showcasing exceptional credentials,” says Natalie Dolce, editor in chief of “Among this year’s nominees, we see a wealth of talent coupled with invaluable traits such as integrity, community engagement, and resilience. We look forward to seeing the future endeavors of these individuals and are confident in their ability to lead.”


“I’m honored to be included in GlobeSt. CRE’s Aspiring Leaders Awards as one of their top 40 young professionals,” said Redaptive CEO Arvin Vohra. “I’m proud to be recognized alongside this impressive group of individuals working to better our built environment in both sustainability and resilience. Thanks to GlobeSt. and CRE for including me in the 2024 awards.”

This news comes shortly after Redaptive’s announcement of an expanded $250 million warehouse facility with Deutsche Bank, Rabobank, and Mitsubishi HC Capital America, alongside $225 million in warehouse financing with ATLAS SP Partners. Read more about these below: 

More About the GlobeSt. CRE’s Aspiring Leaders Awards:
This recognition celebrates top young professionals under the age of 40 within the commercial real estate industry. The chosen forward-thinking individuals stand out among their counterparts through solid track records, innovative approaches, and significant contributions to their companies or the industry as a whole. These ambitious professionals are making strides and creating lasting impacts on the industry.

The 2024 honorees were selected by a panel of industry experts based on their professional accomplishments; the impact of their work; their dedication to furthering the industry; and their commitment to high ethical standards, service, and excellence.

About Redaptive
Redaptive is a leading Energy-as-a-Service provider that funds and installs energy-saving and energy-generating equipment. Redaptive’s programs help many of the world’s most sophisticated organizations reduce energy waste, optimize cost, lower carbon emissions, and meet their sustainability goals across their entire real estate portfolios. With Redaptive, customers can overcome capital and resource barriers to achieve energy-saving benefits quickly, all with continuous data powered by Redaptive’s proprietary metering technology. Redaptive was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. For more information, visit:

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