Non-Profit Health Provider Cuts Utility Bills Through LED Lighting Energy-as-a-Service Project

The Challenge

Swedish Medical Center was looking to capture energy savings and achieve green energy goals across 17 Washington sites within its portfolio. Swedish needed Redaptive’s help to execute the program while navigating complex ongoing business operations, an ongoing pandemic, and competing resources for internal capital.

The Solution

Redaptive funded, developed, and deployed an LED retrofit program across the 17 sites for Swedish Medical Center. The LED retrofit included 40,000-fixture installations while navigating strict COVID and sanitation regulations within the hospitals.


The Impact

The Redaptive program resulted in a significant reduction in lighting costs. The reduced electricity consumption will avoid 50,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions over the service term, the equivalent to removing 115,000 barrels of oil avoided or the emissions from 6,000 homes.

office building
$6.0M 10-Yr

Gross Energy Savings

71M 10-Yr Reduction

in KWh consumption

50K 2 >Metric tons of CO2

avoided over service term

115K 2 emissions equivalent>CO2 emissions equivalent

in barrels of oil, avoided over service term

6K 2 emissions are equivalent>CO2 emissions are equivalent

to homes’ electricity use over service term

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